Featured Client - El Rio

El Rio is a multidisciplinary production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with sister companies scattered in Latin America. Working with production companies both local and international, the space El Rio provides is a creative lab where ideas are generated and come alive. El Rio is looking to ‘Make Argentina Famous Again’ by promoting the country and all that is has to offer when it comes to shooting film and or TV commercials.

Argentina has one of the most dynamic and creative production businesses in Latin America. This, combined with relatively low productions costs, explains why it has become a centre of excellence for telenovela production and for centralized production of format-based entertainment shows. The country offers stunning locations and diverse architecture(glacier Perito Moreno located in Calafate or the Falls of Iguazú). The country’s capital, Buenos Aires, is also the industry’s capital. As for its professional credentials, it is also renowned for its bars, cafes, restaurants and superb nightlife.

To find out more and to understand all location and shoot options, discuss production packages to suit your budget and answer all questions you have on Argentina , please contact us and we'll talk you through how together we can make Argentina Famous Again ;)