NAB - Main takeaways from the conference

NAB - Main takeaways from the conference:

  • Spot distribution, (the players, the issues, the sales model), is still largely the same
  • Issues experienced at agency level when being able to choose a vendor are very similar
  • AI is impacting the way we capture and store meta data
  • Unique ID code for digital ad industry still not standardized 

The wonderful world of spot distribution seems to have remained the same over the past 12+months with no new major competitors on the global scene. A few have popped up in Europe and in certain LatAm markets, but no player yet is a match for the two main global companies of Adstream and ER/IMD.
If anything, the service of spot distrbution seems to be a commodity already, with rates having dropped so low for HD (who does SD anymore?) it’s staggering. It will be interesting to see how the key players differentiate their services in the longer term. It will also be interesting to understand what the growth model is for these companies that solely focus on spot distribution.

It has been known for a long time, that if you just focus on spot distribution you will be out of business yesterday already.

This is true at least for the USA. LatAm is a different kettle of fish altogether but as this market originally leap frogged from beta sp /digi beta to digital delivery without all the hardships Europe and the USA experienced, that they could very well be ahead of the game when it comes to diversifying their portfolio of services and managing digital ad delivery. Only time will tell...