Featured Client - AmericaCine

AmericaCine, is a talented production company hubbed in Santiago de Chile, with state of the art facilities and exceptional crew throughout Latin America. The Team at AmericaCine are big proponents of the PC2PC, communication channel, (Production Company 2 Production Company), rather than PC direct to brand or agencies. 

Through my experience of working in broadcast media and entertainment, many businesses in the USA and Europe over look shooting ‘south of the border’ due to well established working relationships in their own territories, a fear of safety or concerns of different work ethics and deadlines being missed.

However in our industry it’s all about pushing the limits and challenging the status quo. Which is why I wanted to share with you some of the BENEFITS of shooting in Latin America in contrast to Europe, USA and South Africa.

Benefits of Shooting South of the Border

  • Reverse Seasons  - LatAm enjoys opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere,
  • Location - Beautifully diverse locations - from snow to beaches, to mountainous regions and historic cities
  • Tax - Production companies can get 19% discount on qualifying items
  • Sag/Aftra free zone - Buy outs for talent managed globally, regionally or per country
  • Cost  - Travel to and from the USA to LatAm is affordable and competitive to that of traveling to Europe/South Africa 

AmericaCine can facilitate and help manage shoots in any of the following LatAm markets for your next production ‘South of the Border’ -  ArgentinaBrazil, ChileColombiaMexicoPanama and Uruguay.

If you have any questions at all about logistics, cost, tax benefits, talent, safety, worth ethics, the optimal LatAm market/location for your client to shoot, I would be only too happy to jump on a call and discuss. Between the AC Team and myself, we speak 3 languages fluently, (English, Spanish and Portuguese) so don’t be afraid to call. Or drop me an email.