We work with people we admire and respect and we learn from each other.  We are passionate and dedicated in everything we do, if not a little bit quirky. We are highly motivated and have the opinion that everything is possible, even the wildest most obscure dreams, thus we believe we should always challenge the status quo. 

Ultimately your problem is our problem and we won’t stop until it is fixed. And, the most important thing, every ounce of effort and every bit of labor, is managed with a smile.



I'm a fun-loving, highly motivated, dedicated and passionate individual who enjoys everything about this industry and I thrive on delivering results for my clients.  Yes, even the parts that you are not so keen on, the not so glamourous parts (like the grueling long hours and ungodly deadlines and the ever-changing platforms to advertise on). Call me crazy, but I love everything about this industry and I can't wait to be get my teeth stuck into more projects.

I am a British born ‘wanna’ be American living in Mexico while I plot my return to the USA. Go figure?!


I have spent the past 12+ years introducing and establishing technology platforms throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America and as a direct result, I have helped revolutionize advertising workflows in these regions. Pretty cool...!


With this wealth of experience and amazing business relationships and friendships created and nurtured along the way, I have launched my own agency to enable me to share the knowledge directly to clients in my own unique way. The agency, aptly named, Emmelie, and its Team, assists startups to Fortune 500 in identifying new business/market opportunities and prepares growth strategies to ensure targets are met whilst ensuring customers receive a consistent user experience throughout their journey with us.


As a Team, we consult with innovative companies and create ‘superheroes’ at every level of an organization. By working together as partners, we are able to disrupt current advertising strategies, contention creation workflows, distribution workflows and optimize consumer engagement to increase efficiencies and ultimately increase campaign effectiveness. We might even create a brand new workflow/solution/platform that helps advance the industry in ways that we could not even imagine right now. WOW!

We are also able to assist in creating, executing and managing social media marketing campaigns. We provide analytics on all digital (social and mobile) campaigns and can help interpret this data and advise how to apply this intel to ensure maximum effectiveness on future executions.

All services are provided with a 'hands-off' or 'hands-on' approach. You decide what's best for you, your company brand and budget and we will take it from there.