Over the years, Emmelie has garnered quite a reputation in the world of advertising and business development. Below is some of the feedback received from a variety of clients on our founders abilities in this field. Now that we have set up shop as an independent agency, and have a Team of equally, if not more talented people, we will be adding testimonials as we complete projects. 

Simply put Emmelie is amazing. She’s very thorough, very thoughtful and committed to the client’s cause at all times. She always delivers.

Emmelie is hungry for progress and knowledge which makes her a Jill of all trades. I was her client for over 3 years and learned so much from her and with her. It was fun and exciting but most of all it boosted my business and overall business intelligence.

Any organization would by lucky to have an Emmelie on their staff whether in a sales capacity, for digital expertise or for project management. I wish I had her skills
— Ross Necessary, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Services at Warner Bros. Pictures

Emmelie has that rare combination of expertise in the digital media business plus fantastic relationship skills. This leads her clients, her team, and her business parters to terrific success.

The entertainment, media, agency, and other clients with whom she builds relationships are fortunate to have her helping them grow their businesses. Any organization would be lucky to have Emmelie leading the biz dev charge!
— Jack Monson, Director of Digital Strategy at Qiigo

It has been a pleasure working with Emmelie as we develop our DAM and workflow plans. She has been a wealth of knowledge and a great support with the million questions I have had. Her perseverance has been gentle, showing great patiences for the time it has taken to get this ball rolling, understanding the layers of approval required, and providing continuous support.

Emmelie is highly professional, but also very friendly and pleasant to work with. She is extremely well-connected in the industry, helping bring colleagues together who can share information and benefit from each others knowledge. I would highly recommend her for any role requiring relationship-building, perseverance, and attention to detail.
— Carie Bonillo, VP, Director of Broadcast Traffic at Deutsch

Emmelie’s dedication to deliver the best service for MEC was remarkable. It was truly a pleasure working with her.
— Diego Teran, Managing Director at Mediaedge

Back in the days when digital delivery for TV commercials was something quite new, and quite a hassle, Emmelie was a very professional person to work with. All people and companies involved, all with their own interest, were perfectly managed by Emmelie, with kindness, understanding and a very clear communication. Never lost the goal, never missed a deadline. Besides that, Emmelie is very fun to work with.
— Taco Arts, (former) CEO Post Office

Dedicated, considered, mindful, intuitive, self starting, hard working, articulate, thorough, consistent, driven, focused, and passionate. Bare in mind that you will only ever have Emmelie on loan (thought it will be a loan paid back with interest), as she is gal destined for greatness. So in all honesty, I can’t really recommend her as I want to hire her myself...
— Tom Horton, Series Vfx Supervisor/Producer (Associate Producer) at Emerald City - NBC